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Single Frozen vs Double Frozen

We only supply single frozen fish. This means the fish is filleted and frozen on the ship is was caught by. This locks in the maximum amount of freshness and flavour, ensuring the consumer will have the best experience possible.

Our rivals opt for a double frozen method where the fish is caught and stored frozen. It is then transported to a central place where it is defrosted for processing before being frozen again.

In this scenario the fish has been unfrozen and out of the water much longer than a single frozen fish. While this might cut costs it also destroys the freshness and flavour of the fish, which is the most important aspect of it when it comes time for it to be consumed.


Food Miles:

Our single frozen products have only a fraction of the food miles when compared to inferior double frozen products.

A double frozen product is shipped from the place it is caught thousands a miles for processing, before being shipped thousands of miles to its ultimate destination.

Not only does this mean the fish has been out of the water much longer but the carbon footprint for each portion is massively increased.


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