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Supplying and processing the highest quality, frozen at sea / single frozen natural fish products...

Welcome to the R&M Trading website.

We supply and process the highest quality, frozen at sea / single frozen natural fish products where consumers can taste the difference. Our quality gurantee is reinforced by our Grade AA BRC Accreditation

Since 1993 restaurants, food service companies and wholesalers throughout the UK and Ireland have come to us because of our exacting standards for quality.

With directors keeping a close eye on all levels of the business we stay focused on our highest priorities of quality products, safe working environment and the highest regulatory standards of cleanliness in our modern facility.

We also have the ability to process fish from other sources through our processing services if you require.

Labelled with your own branding:

As part of the service we can print your own logo on the product labels. This means when you sell the product to your customers it gives a sense of professionalism while at the same time re-enforcing loyalty to your brand.

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Our Factory

Our Factory

Our factory is the secret to our success.

Our state of the art facilities feature modern machines and the latest computer technology.

This level of computerised sophistication means greater accuracy and efficiency in processing, allowing us to pro-actively measure everything and ensure we meet the high quality standards we have set for ourselves.

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About Us

Our Factory

R&M Trading was founded in 1993 by Ian Roberts and Sean McCall. With careers spanning all the way from sourcing to processing to selling, Ian and Sean have literally been from ‘the shop floor’ to the board room.

Starting in the fishing industry at the age of 16, Ian and Sean have over 50 years combined experience and knowledge that has made R&M Trading the successful company it has become.

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Our Factory




At R&M Trading we aim to produce the very best quality single frozen products from the most sustainable sources. The MSC is the world’s leading certification and eco-labelling programme for sustainable seafood. R&M Trading have now obtained MSC Chain of Custody ( Ref No. MEP-C-193 ) and therefore our Hake, Hoki, Cod, Haddock & Pacific Salmon products can be labelled and sold as MSC, assuring customers and consumers of environmentally responsible fishing practices. Current products are:

IQF S/L Hake Fillets (Merluccius Capensis ) – produced from frozen at sea fish - 20% Glaze – packed * 10lbs : 4-6oz ,6-8oz ,8-10oz

IQF S/L B/L Hoki Fillets (Macruronus Novaezelandiae ) produced from frozen at sea fish – 20% Glaze – packed * 10lbs: 4-6oz ,6-8oz

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